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Welcome to Westcountry News Direct and thank-you for visiting our website. Below, you will find our mission statement and an explanation of who we are.

Our Mission

Westcountry News Direct delivers newspapers and magazines to homes and businesses throughout Devon and Cornwall.

We aim to provide a reliable and prompt delivery of local and national newspapers and magazines to the comfort of your front door.

Whilst undertaking deliveries, our drivers will be able to provide assistance, or call appropriate services to assist customers should they be vulnerable.

We operate from local distribution centres. This means we receive our papers as soon as they arrive in each area, allowing us to ensure fast and reliable delivery across both Devon and Cornwall.

We are based solely and operate within the West Country. We engage local adult drivers rather than children to ensure your order reaches you early and in pristine condition.

Starting deliveries very early in the morning, most of our customers receive their papers before breakfast.

Our aim is to work as closely as we can, with as many local businesses as we can, supporting communities with FREE copies of publications in such places as local coffee shops and other meeting hotspots.

About us

Westcountry News Direct is born out of 20+ years combined experience in the newspaper delivery industry. We wanted to create a local service for local people, by local people. Two of us based in Devon and two in Cornwall, we have set out to establish a Company that prides itself on great customer service, offering a friendly, reliable and prompt delivery service. By focusing on giving our deliverers a great work package so they feel appreciated, they can give excellent service to our customers, all of whom are local people just like them. This ethos is what drives W.N.D. (Westcountry News Direct).

Looking after our drivers was our “Aha!” moment. By empowering our workforce with a great financial package, a dedicated support team, and a working atmosphere that they are more than just a delivery driver, we are creating a family – a family of local people who love their jobs and enjoy serving their local communities. Our drivers are more than just drivers, they look out for the community, and the individuals within it. They are the eyes and ears of a neighbourhood watchman whilst doing their delivery round. They are the person who can notice if something is not right, and if a courtesy call is required to make sure everything is OK. Our drivers get to know their customers, and in turn, our customers know their driver.

Likewise, our customer service team that deal with any issues, are all local people who care about making things right. Be it a payment issue, or booking a holiday stop on delivery, they are there to make sure it is sorted in a friendly and polite manner. Working towards the highest levels of customer satisfaction is a goal Westcountry News Direct always aspire to achieve and maintain.

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